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Triple Wall Heavy-Duty Boxes
Triple Wall Heavy-Duty Boxes
These containers are as strong as a plywood crate, but at the cost of corrugated!
  • Additional thickness provides extra protection, security and stability during shipment.
  • ECT-90 Triple Wall Corrugated is over ½" thick.
  • RSC = Regular Slotted Container.

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Item Description
Ext. Price
Inside Dimensions
L x W x H
Price Per Box
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12 x 12 x 12"Printed Deluxe Packing Box25/500$1.52$1.52$1.52$1.52$1.52
12 x 12 x 46"Inner Lamp Box HSC15/1203.443.443.443.443.44
12 5/16 x 12 5/16 x 40"Printed Outer Lamp Box HSC15/1203.
16 x 12 x 12"Printed Deluxe Packing Box25/2501.891.891.891.891.89
18 x 12 x 12"Double Wall with Hand Holes15/1503.983.983.983.983.98
18 x 18 x 16"Printed Deluxe Packing Box20/1203.
18 x 18 x 18"Double Wall with Hand Holes10/706.986.986.986.986.98
18 x 18 x 24"Printed Deluxe Packing Box15/1204.
18 x 18 x 28"350#DW Printed Deluxe Packing Box5/607.757.757.757.757.75
20 x 18 x 12"Double Wall with Hand Holes10/905.685.685.685.685.68
20 x 20 x 12"Double Wall with Hand Holes10/906.496.496.496.496.49
20 x 20 x 20"Double Wall with Hand Holes10/708.538.538.538.538.53
20 x 20 x 45"Wardrobe Packing Box5/7517.5517.5517.5517.5517.55
22 x 6 x 16"FOL ECT-44 Flat-Panel TV Box5/2404.644.644.644.644.64
12 x 12 x 12"ECT-90 Triple Wall Corrugated5/3025.5825.5825.5825.5825.58
14 x 14 x 14"ECT-90 Triple Wall Corrugated5/3019.0019.0019.0019.0019.00
16 x 16 x 16"ECT-90 Triple Wall Corrugated5/3032.0432.0432.0432.0432.04
18 x 18 x 18"ECT-90 Triple Wall Corrugated5/3031.4431.4431.4431.4431.44
20 x 20 x 20"ECT-90 Triple Wall Corrugated5/3036.8236.8236.8236.8236.82
24 x 24 x 24"ECT-90 Triple Wall Corrugated5/3026.3126.3126.3126.3126.31
30 x 30 x 30"ECT-90 Triple Wall Corrugated5/3041.7341.7341.7341.7341.73
36 x 36 x 36"ECT-90 Triple Wall Corrugated5/3084.4584.4584.4584.4584.45
48 x 40 x 24"ECT-90 Triple Wall Corrugated5/3064.6864.6864.6864.6864.68
48 x 40 x 36"ECT-90 Triple Wall Corrugated5/30108.96108.96108.96108.96108.96
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